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Why ILD and Sinopec?
  • Premium lubricants made by one of the world’s largest and most respected companies
  • Swift lubricant supply to customers anywhere in Australia
  • International Lubricant Distributors is an Australian based lubricant marketing and distribution company focused on distributing premium lubricants to Australian and international markets.
  • With establish and proven logistics, warehouses all over Australia, customer service and technical support teams, ILD prides itself on being able to supply premium lubricants to customers on time, anywhere in Australia.
  • With a strong focus on technical application the ILD team consists of experts in the fields of chemistry, lubricant formulation and mechanics.
  • This skill set and industry insight has allowed the ILD team to develop a service offering that is unmatched by the traditional players in the market – yet closely aligned with what the customer really values.
  • Service offering that gives you what you want when you want it

Personal & Commercial Vehicles

SINOPEC automobile lubricants incorporate technologies applied to the automobile lubricants in the global market. The superior quality is widely recognized within the industry, and the reason why both foreign and domestic auto companies choose SINOPEC as the first filling and service oil. The excellent customer service offered by our dealers also helped SINOPEC lubricants win trust from Australian consumers.

Industrial Customers

Relying on its sound platform in aerospace lubricating technologies, SINOPEC is working to offer Australian customers applicable mineral and synthetic lubricants. Meanwhile, our technological team is making continuous effort to create more innovative lubricating products to cater for and outdo the requirements that different groups have for local customers in lubricants.

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