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Third Party Inspection Proves Excellent Quality of SINOPEC Coolant



    SINOPEC Lubricant recently completed third-party inspection of FD-2A engine coolant, covering inspection of physiochemical indicators like pH, density, reserve alkalinity and chlorine content, and bench test of glassware corrosion, cast aluminum heat transfer, aluminum pump cavitation corrosion and simulated service. 

    The third-party inspection analysis report from Yuejin Motor Group Auto Research Institute shows that FD-2A engine coolant fully complies with technical requirements of the NB/SH/T0521 industry standard and the Q/SH PRD303 559 enterprise standard.

SINOPEC Lubricant's product technology is authoritative in the industry and consumers' minds. Third-party inspection will further increase quality credit of relevant products and improve product market competitiveness.

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