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US students sing high praise for SINOPEC Lubricants’ highly modernized production



With the launch of the third Beijing Zhongguancun Science & Education Tourism Festival on July 12, SINOPEC Lubricants, which is among the tourist spots that also include the Summer Palace and other State-level scenic sites, received the first batch of tourists on July 13. Taking the opportunity of attending the US-China cultural exchange summer camp, some US senior high school students visited the bottling, oil-filling and blending equipment and piping systems of SINOPEC Lubricants’ Beijing base. The US students spoke highly of the highly modernized production of the Chinese petrochemical producer.

“They are all senior high school students who are excellent both in studies and behaviors and selected from all parts of the US. They love Chinese culture and are vigorously learning Chinese. Two of the three batches of the students will visit SINOPEC Lubricants,” said the team leader.

Since the Zhongguancun Science & Education Tourism Festival was initiated, SINOPEC Lubricants, as an industrial tourist spot, has successively received more than 1,400 tourists from both home and abroad and demonstrated the high level of scientific and technical development of Chinese petrochemical enterprises.

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