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SINOPEC Lubricants contributes to Xuelong’s Arctic expedition


China's fifth Arctic expedition team, aboard the icebreaker Xuelong, or "Snow Dragon", headed for the Arctic for scientific expedition on July 2.

The fifth Arctic expedition team will pass through the Bering Sea, the Chukchi Sea and the Northern Sea Route before it reached Iceland, where it will pay a five-day visit. Then, it will return to the Chukchi Sea from the high-latitude Arctic area after going through the high seas of Norway and Denmark, and come back via the Bering Sea. Xuelong will travel an estimated 17,000 nautical miles during its 90-day voyage, and is scheduled to return to Shanghai Port on September 29.

It is said Xuelong’s trip will involve the longest duration, the farthest distance and the richest contents of expedition in China’s Arctic scientific expedition history.

Since 2004, Xuelong has been equipped with SINOPEC lubricants in an all-round way. SINOPEC Lubricants has successively helped complete several Antarctic expeditions as well as the third and fourth Arctic expeditions.

“This is the third time that SINOPEC Lubricants provides lubricating services to the Arctic scientific expedition team.

Multiple expeditions to the Polar Regions served as evidence for the good quality of SINOPEC marine lubricants. But given the long duration of the expedition, we work to consider more and do more.” The workers at SINOPEC Lubricants sincerely wished the Arctic expedition a complete success.

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