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SINOPEC Lubricants SRV capability certified internationally


SINOPEC Lubricants recently has received a letter from the Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing of Germany, which confirmed its obtaining the certificate of competency at the 15th SRV Round Robin Test.

The round robin test was carried out based on the DIN/ASTM D02 D5706-05 standards. Results of various test items that SINOPEC Lubricants participated in included no doubtful or discrete data.

The round robin test is a fundamental test intended to formulate or revise international standards and joined by relevant labs worldwide. Tests are completed independently according to pre-specified plans, and doubtful or discrete data are eliminated from summarized results, so as to provide qualified data to statistical analysis and offer powerful support for the formulation or revision of standards.

SINOPEC Lubricants vigorously organized affiliated labs to participate in the round robin test to improve technical capabilities and become more advanced internationally, and good results were achieved. At present, all the labs of SINOPEC Lubricants have obtained LABORATORY ACCREDITATION CERTIFICATE from CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment).

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