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SINOPEC lubricants comprehensive service China 's polar expedition


On September 24, Sinopec Lubricant Company signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with China Polar Research Center, Sinopec Lubricant Company will provide comprehensive lubrication services for China Polar Center, including vessels, the research station machinery and equipment, polar inland transport team. This indicates that the cooperation has entered a new stage after eight years of cooperation starting from 2004 when SINOPEC lubricants began to serve the cause of polar expedition.

The two parties agreed upon expansion of applications from expedition marine lubricants to the research station lubricants and the Polar inland truck lubricants and others. A polar oil service research team will be established to enhance localization process and self-independent technology application of  polar expedition lubricants.

During eight years of cooperation,Sinopec Lubricant Company has provided specialized services for Snow Dragon, the research vessel. With outstanding quality and performance, SINOPEC lubricants have served the Snow Dragon to accomplish polar expedition task for 10 times in  the most demanding environment and won the recognition from China Polar Research Center.

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