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Perfect Cross-industry Cooperation between Sinopec and CTCC


On November 3, 2013, Sinopec Lubricants China Touring Car Championship (CTCC) came to an end in Shanghai, marking the perfect end of competitions in altogether 8 stops in 2013. In this competition season, the chief title sponsor Sinopec Lubricants carried out the in-depth cooperation with CTCC, boosting the splendid performance and smooth end of the whole event. During the cooperation with Shanghai VW 333 Racing Team, Sinopec Lubricants effectively demonstrated the strength of its brand and products, and constantly helped the drivers and team to create successes.
Through practical actions, Sinopec Lubricants not only supports the development of domestic motor racing events, but also shows its social responsibility and role.
Through this event, Sinopec Lubricants has completed the brand promotion and publicity of the sub-brand "SINOPEC JUSTAR" of high-end motor engine oil, further established the image of high-end lubricant brand, and realized closer interaction between the brand and consumers.

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