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SINOPEC Lubricants (Singapore) Pte. Ltd Signs a Cooperative Agreement with SK Lubricants on Mutual Supply of Marine Lubricants


SINOPEC Lubricants (Singapore) Pte. Ltd and the South Korea-based SK Lubricants signed the agreement on mutual supply of marine lubricants in Singapore on November 21, 2013.
Relying on the long-term advantages in respective sales areas, SINOPEC Lubricants and SK Lubricants team up and build strategic mutual reassurance to advance cooperation in the fields related to lubricants. As of December 1, SINOPE Lubricants can use the lubricant supply networks of SK Lubricants in South Korea to provide lubricants to its marine lubricant customers, and SK Lubricants can also supply lubricants to its marine lubricant customers in China. Both sides don’t have to establish new lubricant supply networks. This greatly shortens the periods of supply and management cost, creates win-win situations and promotes common development.

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