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Excellent Achievements of Sinopec Lubricant Company in 2013


In 2013, Sinopec Lubricant Company witnessed a growth of 28% in its annual sales volume and substantial increase with some special products along with consolidation in industrial lubricants and automotive lubricants market.  

In 2013, the company actively launched application development in aviation, aerospace, high-speed rail, ocean transportation,visited headquarters of 13 multinational enterprises, got 41 international certifications, developed 47 new products, and maintained a growth momentum of sales in OEM market. In another eight industries including coal, public transportation and metallurgy, it strengthened technical communication and market development, and organized over 100 industry promotion conferences. 

In July 2013, Sinopec Lubricant (Singapore) completed construction of its the production base, launched its products to the market and carried out comprehensive operations. The company publicized its brand and products, promoted readily marketable products and improved brand image through industry magazines and exhibitions in major industrial oil and grease markets abroad.
By sending more personnel to key regions and strengthening development, the company saw a sales increase of 10% in Africa and 9% in Philippine and Indonesia. In addition, the company deepened cooperation with ocean shipping enterprises and offered satisfactory oil refilling services to ocean vessels thorough branches in Singapore and Fujairah (UAE).

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