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Sinopec Wins Asia-Pacific SABRE Awards 2013


On September 24, Sinopec won Crisis Management and CRS Gold Awards of Asia-Pacific SABRE Awards 2013.

On July 23, 2012, six containers of Sinopec Polypropylene pellets were washed ashore in Hong Kong after they fell off a ship during a strong typhoon. To take its responsibility for local communities, the environment and the public, Sinopec put in manpower and material resources to salvage the pellets and clean up the beach despite its own losses. Altogether 2478 people per work day were plunged into the cleaning up to 4 months. Fu Chengyu, Chairman of Sinopec, said "corporate social responsibility is internal demand rather than external pressure. In such cases, before the legal responsibilities are straightened out, all parties involved shall actively undertake social responsibility and participate in salvation."

All social circles in Hong Kong thought highly of Sinopec for its rapid response, full engagement, aid of manpower and material resources, and open & transparent attitude, holding that "this is the attitude and handling approach that an international corporation shall display", and "it set an example for dealing with such occasions in the future."


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