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Sinopec Marine Oil Gets WARTSILA's Technical Certification


On February 3, WARTSILA issued technical certifications for Sinopec cylinder oil 5070s and Sinopec system oil 3005, in order to confirm that Sinopec's marine lubricant oil products could be applied in WARTSILA's two-stroke engine.
Sinopec cylinder oil 5070S and Sinopec system oil 3005 were put into a 7,000-hour trial operation on the engine of a supertanker in 2013. 
WARTSILA's technical engineers conducted an unpacking inspection and confirmation on the site. The data proved that Sinopec marine oils fully met the operation requirements of WARTSILA's two-stroke engine and showed excellent performance in all aspects.
WARTSILA is the second largest marine two-stroke engine manufacturer in the world.

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