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Sinopec Lubricant Company Passion go hand in CTCC again


On April 27, the opening game of 2014 China Touring Car Championship (CTCC)  commenced in Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province and Sinopec Lubricant Company joined hands with CTCC again. 2014 CTCC will be held in eight stations. In addition to the five major fields in Zhaoqing, Zhuhai, Shanghai, Shanghai Tianma and Beijing in China, at the end of August will visit South Korea and it will open up the first overseas station in the history of CTCC.

To promote Chinese car racing culture and make China’s car racing sports  more desirable, Sinopec Lubricant Company began cooperation with CTCC in 2012, and became the general title sponsor of CTCC. Over  the past three years, both have made concerted efforts to push the           normalized and annualized development of China’s car racing sports,developing it into a sporting event of public interest and mass participation.Consequently, CTCC has become more influential as evidenced by constant breakthroughs made by its participant fleets, and gradually made the car caring culture an important sports culture in China

Sinopec Lubricant Company will not only provide technical support throughout the event, but hold car racing culture promotion activities themed on'for the one' and arrange car fans to interact with CTCC games by organizing car racing fans to participate in a mobile phone shell design contest.

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