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Sinopec Marine Cylinder Oil 50100 Gets MAN's Technical Certification


Recently, Sinopec Lubricant Company received the technical certification notice for Sinopec marine cylinder oil 50100 from MAN.
       In  last September, MAN informed authorized large main engine producers, users and lubricating oil suppliers of the alkali value of cylinders         adopted for its new-type engines as well as the low temperature corrosion  caused by vessel navigation at low speed in recent years. According   to the current performance of vessel engines, it also called for  cylinder oil with a higher alkali value to meet the increasingly complicated market demands, and required its MK8-8.1 and updated engines to use cylinder oil with the alkali value of 100.
       To cater for the market changes and user demands, Sinopec Lubricant  Company timely developed marine cylinder oil 50100, and successfully     obtained MAN's technical certification.

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