• SINOPEC Moderate Duty Automotive Gear Oil is blended with good quality mineral base stock and good quality additives. It may meet the lubrication requirements of gears in light/moderate duty vehicles.

  • SINOPEC CD Diesel Engine Oils are formulated from highly refined base stocks with premium additive system,provide good performances for diesel engines. They meet China national standard GB 11122 and API CD specifications. SINOPEC CD Diesel Engine Oils are recommended for heavy-duty diesel engine, which specify API CD and CC.

  • SINOPEC Biogas Engine Oil is of appropriate ash content, fully protecting engine valve from wear and effectively reducing damage to engine parts caused by combustion of high sulphur content biogas.

  • SINOPEC FB 2T Motorcycle Oil is formulated with high quality base stocks and functional additives, and is blended with world's advanced manufacturing techniques. The product is designed to work with air-cooled two-stroke gasoline engines in moderate conditions.

  • SINOPEC Fully Synthetic 2T Motorcycle Oil is formulated with synthetic base stocks and high quality functional additives and is blended with world's advanced techniques. The product is suitable for lubricating two-stroke gasoline engines working in severe conditions. Recommended fuel/oil ratio range is from 25:1 to 50:1.

  • SINOPEC Dual Purpose Oil for Hydraulic and Transmission Systems is prepared with mineral base stock of high viscosity index and good quality multi-functional additives. Conforming to John Deere (J20c) specification, it meets hydraulic, transmission and wet brake with a common oil system. It is especially suitable for lubrication of hydraulic and transmission systems of imported powerful tractor, engineering and port machineries

  • Thickened by calcium stearate with mineral oil. SINOPEC Calcium Base Grease has excellent water resistant property, mechanical stability and lubricating performances. Calcium grease No.3 is the only grease product which won national high-quality award (silver prize). According to GB/T 7631.8-90(ISO6743/9-1987), it can be classified as follow:L-XAAEA1,L-XAAEA2,L-XAAEA3,L-XAAEA.

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