• SINOPEC Locomotive Oil 3rd Generation is suitable for diesel locomotive requiring 3rd generation oil of LMOA (Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association). It also meets requirements of marine diesel engine, diesel generator of drilling rigs.

  • SINOPEC Locomotive Oil 4th Generation is formulated with high quality base stocks with high VI and multi-functional additives. The products is applicable to railway internal combustion locomotives and suitable for high sulfur-containing fuel (Sulfur content>0.5%).

  • Thickened by lithium 12-hydroxystearate, SINOPEC Multi-Purpose Lithium Base Grease is made from deeply refined mineral oil with rust and oxidation inhibitors and other additives. It can substitute calcium and sodium base grease. AdapTABLE to different lubricating device. No.1 grease can be used in centralized lubricating system and No.2 and No.3 can be transfusioned by hand tools. According to GB/T 7631.8-90(ISO6743/9-1987), it can be classified as follow:L-XBCHA00, L-XBCHA0,L-XBCHA1,L-XBCHA2,L-XBCHA3.

  • SINOPEC Railway retarder hydraulic oil is blended with special quality base oil and multi-functional additives. With good viscosity-temperature performance and anti-oxidation ability and excellent low temperature performance, it is suitable for lubrication of the hydraulic system of railway retarder

  • SINOPEC NBR Modified Silicon Oil is manufactured from modified methyl silicon oil and multi-functional additives.

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