• SINOPEC Moderate Duty Automotive Gear Oil is blended with good quality mineral base stock and good quality additives. It may meet the lubrication requirements of gears in light/moderate duty vehicles.

  • Adopting synthetic good quality base stock with super high viscosity index and super multi-functional additives, SINOPEC Fully Synthetic Transmission Gear Oil with wide range of viscosity grade can make possible frequent shifting on bumpy ridge-way and normally working in severe conditions such as very high/low temperature. It provides good protection for parts of gearbox, and save 3%-5% of fuel comparing with mineral transmission gear oil. The product has acquired technical recognition of Germany Volkswagen and OTS of Shanghai Volkswagen.

  • Adopting highly refined mineral base stock with high viscosity index and a variety of good quality additives, SINOPEC manual transmission fluid for passenger vehicles with excellent performance meets not only the OEM specifications requirements of many passenger vehicles, but also the lubrication requirements of manual transmission of various kinds of passenger vehicle.

  • SINOPEC DOT3 Synthetic Brake Fluid meets FMVSS NO.116 DOT3 specification and is suitable for brake system of various passenger cars and heavy duty trucks with hydraulic brake, and clutch system of engineering machinery.

  • SINOPEC DOT4 Synthetic Brake Fluid meets FMVSS NO.116 DOT4 specification,and is suitable for brake system of various passenger cars and heavy duty brake, and clutch system of engineering trucks with hydraulic machinery.

  • SINOPEC DOT5.1 Synthetic Brake Fluid is suitable for brake system and clutch system of various high class passenger cars, engineering machinery and heavy duty vehicles with hydraulic brake, meeting application requirements of vehicles under freezing and torrid weather conditions.

  • SINOPEC Diesel Passenger Car Engine Oil is especially developed for diesel engines of Volkswagen equipped with turbochargers and electrically controlled high pressure pump nozzles,which is suitable for engines requiring oils meeting Europe ACEA A3/B3 standard and lower, for lubrication of diesel engine cars such as Audi, Passat, Jetta and so on

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