CJ-4 Diesel Engine Oil



      ♦ Effectively dispersing ash and deposit, controlling sludge in engine and deposit in piston ring, keeping engine clean, reducing kinetic energy loss out of frictional wear

      ♦ Adopting high viscosity index base stock and strong anti-oxidation additive, ensuring perfect high temperature anti-oxidation property, reducing corrosion and wear for engine from high temperature sludge and deposit, providing effective protection for engine under high temperature and prolonging its service life

      ♦ Providing effective protection for environmental friendly diesel engines with EGR or DPF, making it meet emission requirements of Euro IV/ Euro V standard

      ♦ Ultra low vaporization loss, effectively improving effect on fuel economy, oil consumption, exhaust discharge and engine wear out of vaporization of engine oil at high

     ♦ Good compatibility with rubber, resulting in effective protection of sealed material against leakage

Performance specification

     The product meets the following specifications:

    ♦ API CJ-4

    ♦ API SM

    ♦ ACEA E7

Certification and approval

    ♦ Benz MB228.3                                   ♦  Mack EO-O PREMIUM PLUS

    ♦ Cummins 20081                                 ♦ Volvo VDS-4

    ♦ Caterpillar CAT ECF-3/ECF-1          ♦ Detroit Diesel PGOS 93K218


   ♦  Suitable for all heavy duty vehicles driven by imported diesel engines equipped with EGR or DPF

   ♦  Also suitable for vehicles driven by imported or domestic engines without EGR or DPF

   ♦  Suitable for high speed four stroke diesel engines adopting other new technologies and meeting Euro III, IV emission standards

   ♦  Suitable for engines requiring oils such as CJ-4, CI-4+, CI-4, CH-4, CG-4 and CF-4

Viscosity grade and type

  ♦ SAE 5W-40, 10W-40 and 15W-40

Typical Properties


     CJ-4 diesel engine oil

SAE viscosity grade


Kinematic viscosity (100ºC), mm2/s


Flash point (COC), ºC


Pour point, ºC


Power Industry Petrochemical
Textile Industry Mining Metallurgy
Project Construction Railway Transportation
Shipping Industry Motorcycle
Paper Making Industry Taxi
Passenger Car Machinery Manufacturing
Cement Industry Port Operation
Commercial Car Agriculture Machinery

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